How to level up faster in Escape from Tarkov without any therapist was not easy before character wipe but players have now found a way to do so.

After 12.5 update, Battlestate games added a new feature in which players
can get healed instantly after a raid is over by using Therapists service.

And after the May 28 Character Wipe players have been using Therapists
service more often to get healing quickly, however, some players have
found out that using a therapist service is doing harm to players XP.


How to level up faster in Escape from Tarkov

According to a Reddit user Gopblin2, when players use a Therapist service
instead of their own healing items they loose 300XP each time.

The Reddit user also shared an example in the example he says, “if you finish three raids just over 1000 XP each time and a 33% survival rate, you’d finish with around 3000 XP by using the Therapist. By avoiding the Therapist and using your healing items, in this example, you’d finish with more than a 20% increase in XP.”

However some players still thinks that using Therapist is more easy and
cheap way to get fast healing but some players argue that you can buy
Grizzly First Aid kit and use it more often in a more cost-effective manner.

Using your own healing items also benefits you in other ways like it will
increase your healing skill wheras using a therapist would not effect
on it.

Of course, players on the beginner level will not mind using there own
healing items and prefer Therapists but once you reach high levels
where you have more gear and more in-game experience to take on
players who might not be at the same rank you would like to use it
very much.

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