How to increase FPS in Valorant? In this article we will be discussing multiple settings in order to get the most FPS possible out of our PC.

Valorant is a game that was designed to run on most pcs so that anyone could play but, just because it was designed to run on most computers doesn’t mean that it runs well by default that’s why today we’ve come up with a guide to help you squeeze out the best performance possible out of your rig.

We’re going to cover some tips that can help you make your computer get better fps on valorant and other games as well in the process.

How to increase FPS in Valorant

Basic Optimization

First things first let’s start off with general tips that will make your pc run better no matter what game you are trying to play.

First of all you should think about what apps you have running concurrently with Valorant the goal should be to have as few unneeded programs running as possible while playing so you should make sure to close as many unnecessary apps that take up your computer’s resources.

As possible one way is to just close them but whenever you open your computer there’s a chance that a lot of applications are open by default.

That’s why you also need to check your startup processes as well.

To do this search in your windows bar tab startup apps on this page you will see all the programs that have options to start up when you open up your computer.

Disable any programs that you might not need immediately on startup.

These applications such as discord steam origin razer synapse are all pieces of software that take up a decent chunk of your cpu and ram.

Although, you might use these programs at times you probably aren’t planning on using something like origin launcher or steam when you’re trying to play Valorant.

So closing them can let your computer dedicate more resources to Valorant since Valorant is a cpu bound game.

You want to keep your cpu and ram tasks as clean and minimal as possible.

Also sometimes these programs will update themselves which can eat up your internet bandwidth causing you to randomly lag in game so make sure you disable any startup options for any apps that you might not need at the time.

Background Applications

On the same note you want to turn off background applications that windows might be running automatically.

To turn these off search up background apps and basically turn off the option let apps run in the background to make sure that all these random applications like 3d viewer alarms and clock are not taking up valuable computing space.

Task Manager Optimization to Increase FPS in Valorant

Another thing to increase fps is to change the priority of Valorant on your computer’s resource management.

To do this open the task manager and go to details and change your Valorant client’s priority.

This functions in relation to the last tip but lets you choose instead which programs you want to take more resources from your computer, so make sure you have the Valorant client on and then right click the process and set the priority to something higher than normal this will make sure the game gets high priority from your computer’s resources.

This also functions in the opposite way for example if you need to keep your chrome tabs open when you’re playing Valorant you can choose your chrome process and give it below normal or low priority so that way it takes up less resources.

The same idea goes for something like discord the idea is to let your computer have as much breathing room as possible to focus on Valorant and running fast.

We also recommend downloading a program called process lasso to help with managing these things it is definitely helpful for changing priorities and it has more options for optimizations that aren’t as easily accessible on the task manager.

I know that for CSGO this was a must-have to run the game smoothly but this might not be as necessary for Valorant so download this if you want.

Xbox Game Bar Optimization

Next up one thing you definitely want to do is to have Xbox game bar turned off it’s sort of like an overlay that runs in the background of your games and can cause performance issues or unnecessary load while playing.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you turned off background apps but to make sure you can find Xbox game bar by typing it in the windows search bar at the bottom of your screen and selecting enable xbox game bar once you are on that page you should make sure the xbox game bar is disabled.

Game Mode

This one hurts performance considerably if left on, so this could be a game changer to your fps on that same page you can also see game mode as one of the tabs.

This option is supposed to help your windows optimize your game to make it run faster we suggest you test it out and see if it works for you because there are mixed reviews on whether this helps or causes issues like stuttering in general.

Though if your computer has lower specs it’s probably a helpful thing to turn this on.

Power Settings Optimization to Increase FPS in Valorant

Now let’s talk about your pc power settings really quickly, by default many pcs both pre-built and custom built will turn your computer’s power mode onto balanced because of the focus on efficiency as such you want to change this to high performance.

The way you will find this setting is to type power settings in the windows search bar on your desktop from there look to the right side of your screen and click on the advanced power options from there change your pc over to high performance mode.

This will make sure your pc is not bottlenecking its voltage and that all of your pc parts are getting the adequate power they need to run properly and smoothly.

However keep in mind that this also does make your computer take more energy so if you’re on a laptop having high performance mode on all the time could make your battery run down much faster than when i’m balanced.

Visual Effects Optimization

One way to also improve your system’s fps that people don’t really talk about is to reduce the visual effects on your interface.

This might make your computer feel very different so be warned but it does make your computer more responsive and it could help squeeze out a few more fps in games.

Go to settings in your system and then go to the about tab on the right side where there’s related settings go to advanced system settings in the new window select settings in the performance tab and then change the visual effects to your best performance if you want to maximize the responsiveness of your computer.

Be warned though it will make your windows look and feel very different personally i played around with the settings and used custom and i only have show thumbnails instead of icons on and smooth edges of screen fonts on.

Things like animating controls animating taskbars showing windows showing windows contests while dragging and other stuff like that don’t really matter to me so I just have them off for the sake of streamlining my pc.

But definitely play around with what matters and what doesn’t and try to use whichever combination makes you feel a good balance between visual appearance and performance.

GPU Optimization to Increase FPS in Valorant


As we move along now let’s talk about some heavy hitting GPU settings that will affect your gameplay in any game you play.

First things first make sure you are currently on the latest GPU drivers available to you this goes for both NVIDIA and AMD users.

Next type in graphic settings in your pc and turn hardware accelerated GPU scheduling on this will greatly improve performance and reduce input latency natively inside of your GPU from windows.

Mouse Settings

Now let’s quickly talk about some mouse settings for both wired and wireless mice.

If you have a wireless mouse make sure that you keep your router away from your pc or turn it onto 5 gigahertz mode only.

It has been found that several types of wireless routers can interfere with your wireless mouse’s performance with only a few exceptions such as the Logitech gpro wireless and the razer viper ultimate

Many tech youtubers and optimizers on social media have videos with graphs and examples of how wireless routers can interfere with the signal from your wireless mouse to the receiver.

If you have a newer wireless mouse made recently mainly the new g-pro wireless and the razer viper ultimate they have features built in that will change its frequency when it detects disruptions from other signals around it.

If you are in a situation where you cannot afford to move your router away from you or if you want to use a wireless mouse we highly recommend getting these two mice or other ones that perform the same with the same tech inside of them as these mice will save you from a big headache that other wireless mice might cause.

Nvidia Control Panel Optimization to Increase FPS in Valorant

Now for our final optimizations before we get into the game settings we have a lot of changes for the nvidia control panel we are mainly changing settings in here that will help increase the game’s performance or make your game’s image look better and sharper overall.

First open up NVidia control panel on your pc then go to adjust image settings with preview go to the middle option titled used advanced 3d image settings then go to manage 3d settings then perform the following settings.

  • Image Sharpening – Off
  • Ambient Occlusion – Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering – Application Controller
  • Low Latency mode – On
  • Max Frame Rate – Off
  • Opengl rendering gpu – Set it to your Graphics Card
  • Power Management Mode – Prefer Maximum Performance
  • Prefer Refresh Rate – Highest available
  • Texture Filtering (Anisotropic sample options) – On
  • Texture Filtering ( Negative LOD Bias) – Allow
  • Texture Filtering ( Trilinear Optimization) – On
  • Threaded Optimization – On
  • Triple Buffering – Off
  • Vertical Sync – Off
  • Virtual Reality pre-rendered frame – One
  • Virtual Reality Variable Rate Super Sampling – Off

Also if you are unhappy with your monitor’s color settings visit adjust desktop color settings and raise your monitor’s digital vibrance personally i set my digital vibrance between 70 and 80 which is nice and colorful.

If you are a colorblind person there are also settings within NVidia control panel that can help you optimize your color settings to help your vision out to your liking.

Unfortunately we don’t have any other information on amd graphics cards but there definitely should be some guides that include amd options as well.

In-game Settings Optimization to Increase FPS in Valorant

Finally now let’s head into the in-game settings these settings will take place across several tabs but mostly in video and audio so let’s get into it first

Turn all fps limiters off and uncapped this is to make sure you don’t get any screen tearing or stuttering on your screen in game.

While there are sources that say capping fps is actually good for input delay.

There’s a reason why you don’t need to do so anymore and that’s with reflex low latency you want to turn this setting on because it has been shown to significantly decrease input delay without needing to cap your fps.

But if you don’t have this on then it’s a better idea to cap your fps to something closer to your refresh rate on your monitor.

Although you won’t have as much fps the effects of your computer’s faster processing speeds will make your input delay lower we suggest.

Make sure you turn show mature content off and turn corpses off as well both of these settings add extra models that need to be rendered in game that don’t need to be there.

In an effort to reduce both cpu and gpu load turn these off.

Trust me I know we all want to show the enemies who’s boss after a round but you definitely aren’t going to miss having corpses turned on it saves you frames and it allows you to see drop weapons much easier across the map.

In-game Graphics settings


Now let’s give the best optimized settings for graphics quality under the video tab make sure your resolution is set to your native monitor resolution.

We do not recommend going lower or trying out stretch dress or 4×3 as results may vary so try it at your own risk.

Also make sure your game is set to be on full screen and not full screen windowed this has significant impact on your input delay and frame rate so there’s no compromise always have it set to full screen.

  • Multi-threaded rendering – On
  • Material Quality – Low
  • Texture Quality – Low
  • Detail Quality – Low
  • UI Quality – Medium
  • Vignette – Off
  • Vsync – Off
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering – One time
  • Improved Clarity – On
  • Experimental Sharpening – On
  • Bloom – Off
  • Distortion – Off
  • Cast Shadows – Off

These settings should give you the best fps but you can also change it to your visual liking as long as you don’t mind the effect that it has on your game but with all the tweaks outside of the game these changes should not significantly affect your performance and you will likely already have a much smoother Valorant after changes anyway so test out what works for you.

Well guys that’s all we have for the most updated in-game settings and optimizations for Valorant.

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