PUBG Mobile has just released a new version 1.4 beta update, but to access that you need to have an invitation code and in this article, we have mentioned all the necessary steps you need to follow to get the code.

The invitation code system is not new in PUBG Mobile, at the end of the 1.3 beta update developers of the game had it removed but it is now again reimplemented in the game.

what purpose does an Invitation code server in game?

Developers use Invitation code as a barrier for spammers.

According to them, it lowers the case of violations by hackers and other exploiters.


This Invitation code connects users’ global PUBG Mobile account with the beta update and in case of any violations or exploitations, their main/global account is penalized by the officials.

Officials also advises players not to share their invitation code with others because of the same reason mentioned above.

Steps to get Invitation Code for PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta update


Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the event section in the global version of PUBG Mobile and tap on the ‘Test Server’ option.

Step 2: Moving on you need to click on the ‘Generate Binding Code’ option and copy it.

Make sure not to leave any blank spaces before or after the code.

Step 3: After obtaining the code, you need to open your PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta game and click on the “guest” option to proceed.

Step 4: After that, a dialogue box will pop up on the screen, and in that dialogue box you need to paste the Invitation code that you have copied earlier then, simply click on the ‘Yellow’ coloured button below.

After performing each step carefully, you should have access to all the beta update features. Inside the update, there are many new features related to Godzilla vs Kong Collaboration.

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