A new area on the new map Olympus in Apex Legends has been found and this article is all about how you can get on top of the Olympus rooftop pathway.

Olympus is the newest map in Apex Legends introduced in Season 7, and
players have been grinding on this map and trying to find any loop holes
bugs to exploit and other things.

Since the introduction of this map to the game we have seen many things
like bugged drop locations and some funny glitches like the one which sends
players flying across the map while using the new Trident vehicles, and now
a pretty secret location which many players should not have access to but
it is being used quite often in mid-game.

This spot we’re talking about here would be the red roof on the building near the Turbine point of interest in the centre of Olympus, a section of the map which is quite famous for fights and early engagements.

How to get on top of the secret Olympus rooftop pathway

Other than this method you can also use Pathfinder’s Zipline and Octane’s
jump pad to get yourself up here, but there has no video evidence of anyone
pulling this trick yet, so feel free to send us your video clip on @gamecheckup
on Twitter.

Once up there, you can actually run up the angled roof and slide down the other side, but be warned, it is a lot bigger than it looks, so you definitely can’t hang out up there all day since a “return to the map” warning does pop up.


Using this open roof technique you can easily flank on your enemies or
drop on to your enemies without being noticed by any enemy teams, we
are not sure on how long will this stick on the map before Respawn fix this,

Make sure to use this secret passage before it vanishes away from the map and make sure to send us your clips on Twitter.

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