On January 9 Pokemon Direct press conference, Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first DLC was revealed. But Game Freak has revealed a method to get new DLC Pokemon in Sword & Shield Free.

The expansion pass costs around $35 (£26.99) which includes two brand new missions for trainers to complete:

  1. Isle of Armor
  2. The Crown Tundra

In both of these missions, the trainer goes to two different locations which have never been seen before in the world of Pokemon.

The first downloadable content will be available in June 2020 and other content will be available during Fall.

During the Pokemon Direct live stream Game Freak’s Shigeru Ohmori revealed some details about the upcoming updates to the game.

“We will be distributing free updates to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield that will coincide with the releases of Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra,” the director for Pokemon Sword and Shield said.

Clip Start at 16:51

There is also an update for those who are still grieving over the removal of National Pokedex.

The developers have confirmed that they will bring over 200 species from previous games to the Galar Region.

Which means you can go back to previous games and use Pokemon Home to transfer your Pokemon to Sword and Shield games.

What Pokemon are included in the DLC?

There is already the confirmation of many pokemon from original 151 Pokemon to be added in expansion pass – added back in 1995.

Some of them were also shown at the press conference like

Slowpoke, Nidaran, Sedara and many more.

Moreover, there are three new legendary Pokemon coming to Sword and Shield.

Kubfu, Urshifu and Clayrex

While Kubfu and Urshifu are set to be added in June expansion back Clayrex is said to make its way in the Fall expansion pack.

The developers also revealed the famous trio legendary birds, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos to be added in the new region.


Now, with all these features coming in Pokedex everybody will want to purchase it.

And if you don’t have money to buy the expansion pack you can trade with players who have already purchased the new DLC Pokemon in Sword & Shield and enjoy it for Free.

And reunite with your old pokemon in Sword and Shield games.

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