How to get Free Helmet Skins in PUBG MOBILE, the helmet is the most important part of your armour, it protects you’s head from one-shot kill bullets of the enemy.

PUBG Mobile have tons of skins and cosmetics like backpacks etc, but
they comes with a price which sometimes is not affordable by all.

Players can buy these skins and cosmetics from in-game currency,
i.e UC in Pubg Mobile, but there are also ways which can get you those
skins and cosmetics for free.

The helmet is a very crucial part of any armour because it keeps you safe from
any unwanted headshot from miles away, so you better decorate that
and here is how you can get helmet skins for free in PUBG Mobile.


How to get Free Helmet Skins in PUBG MOBILE?

Way 1: Events

Pubg Mobile organizes many events which include some weekly missions
and rewards, in the rewards. there are multiple skins and cosmetics which
players can equip after completing every mission on the list.

So you should better keep looking at those upcoming event because this
is the very simple and effective way of earning skins in the game.

Way 2: Royal Pass

Royal Pass or Battle Pass is another way of getting free skins and the
process to claim skins is same as events method.


Royal Pass giveaways multiple skins and cosmetics to players who
level up their Royal Passes at a certain level by completing missions
in the list.

This way you will not only get free skins but also be getting Royal Pass

Way 3: Free UC

UC are the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile and one can buy anything
from UC, but for that you need to buy UC first from the google play store.

And many players can not afford buying UC, so here is a free way.

There are many Google certified apps like Google Opinion reward which
gives you credits for completing simple tasks on their app and you can
use these credits to buy UC which can further be used to buy skins in
PUBG Mobile store.

Way 4: Redeem Codes


Tencent giveaways loads of free UC through Redeem codes on Festivals,
and special events on their social media and players can use these Redeem
codes to unlock UC and buy Skins.

Though, there are limitation on the number of times one can use these
Redeem codes, so be quick to grab those and turn on their post notifications
so that you get instant notice if they post any Redeem Code.

Way 5: Gifts

Your Friend or any other person who have an extra pair of helmet skins in PUBG Mobile can gift you those skins using PUBG Mobile Gift option.


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