In this short article, we will guide you through the steps you can take to get Blueprints in Marvel Midnight Suns and make your party even more powerful.

There are several ways to make your party stronger in-game, upgrading hero cards is one of them but there is another effective way to make your party strong and that is through crafting abilities.

In the game, you will be facing a lot of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, not just that but you can also control them.

However, in you need to keep crafting some new abilities in order to make them stronger for the later face-offs in the game.

Crafting is one of the best features of the game. Through crafting you can create new Hero cards and abilities for your favorite superhero.

However, to craft any new abilities in Marvel Midnight Suns you need to have some Blueprints of the abilities first.

Unfortunately, these Blueprints are not easily available to everyone but you do not have to worry because we have it all covered in this short article.

How to obtain new abilities Blueprints in Marvel Midnight Suns

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, blueprints can be categorized by rarity. While you’ll encounter the more common blueprints often, the real grind begins when you find Legendary and Epic blueprints.

  • Play the game’s story missions and side quests to accomplish various challenges and missions. You can obtain specific rewards for each mission. Before tackling a mission, check the rewards section for Blueprints if you’re specifically looking for them. In this way, you can grind out missions that provide this resource specifically.
  • Researching Artifacts at the Forge is another option for acquiring Blueprints in the game. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you can also get Essence by doing this, which is also necessary for upgrading cards and creating new abilities.
  • The Arcane Chests located in the Abbey also contain Blueprints that you can acquire.

How to use Blueprints to craft new abilities

At the beginning of the narrative, the game doesn’t tell you exactly what blueprints are or how they work.

However, once you reach Research Level 3 by completing projects in the Forge, the Blueprint feature will be introduced and you can use it after completing two specific quests with Doctor Strange.

Once you complete these two quests you can unlock the Book of Vishanti and only with the help of this item you can use blueprints in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

You can now create additional hero ability cards and even create a more powerful version of a superhero by matching duplicate cards in the courtyard.

You can also convert blueprints after completing the Blueprint Exchange research objective in Forge.

This allows you to create rarer blueprints with fewer rares.

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