How to get Apex Legends Pathfinder edition including a Full Metal Robot Pathfinder skin weapon charm and many more items in the pack.

Apex Legends Season 5 has been a huge change in the game from a
new and destroyed version of World’s edge to the debut of High Society Thief
Loba as a new legend, there were also some nerfs made to old Legends
like Mirage and Pathfinder.

However, a new Apex Legends Pathfinder edition is available right now and here is how to get your hands on this Pathfinder edition.

The new Pathfinder Full Metal Robot skin makes the legend look more like
a Rambo with a bullet vest covering his chest and he also got brand new pants.

Maybe the nerf has not been enough for the Legend but his new avatar is surely a hit.

Apart from Rambo-Pathfinder skin, there are many other times in the edition
pack, a new Havoc skin called “First Blood”, a Molotov weapon charm, and Pathfinder Badge.

How to get Apex Legends Pathfinder edition Full Metal Robot skin

Equipping the Metal Robot skin is super easy, you just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the store on PlayStation, Xbox or Origin on PC.
  2. Navigate to the Apex Legends section
  3. In add-ons, you’ll see the Pathfinder Edition for $19.99
  4. After purchasing, you will have 1,000 coins and the cosmetics added in-game

However, you need to use the same Microsoft Account that you use to
play Apex Legends on the Origin Launcher.

This surely is not something that you would expect from a free-to-play
game but spending $20 will not only get you this edition pack but also
1000 Apex coins which you can use to buy other skins in-game also.


The Pathfinder Edition is available on the Microsoft Store.

However, it is just the beginning of Season 5 and we are already getting
so many skins and cosmetics, which means there are more on the line so
you may not want to spend $20 for Pathfinder but you surely would want to
spend it for those 1000 Apex Coins which benefit you in the near future.

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