How to get a flying tank in GTA online?, players have found a way to attach Tank to the Cargobob helicopters which turns it into a fully functional flying Tank and here is how you can do the same.

GTA Online gives the player all the opportunity to try out things and be creative
and players have been using this opportunity to the fullest and we have seen
a lot of crazy ideas being pulled off in the game.

The new crazy thing that is going on is getting to fly a tank in GTA online and if
you want to know how to get a flying tank in GTA online then here it is.

Apparently the Cargobob helicopter can easily pick up the Tank using its hook
and players are creating extreme chaos in the city using this hook.

Reddit user RiceWafflezzz posted an instruction where players can fly the tank
in air using Cargobob hook and it will keep the tank in air for much longer than

But for this trick you have to convince one another player who is willing to play passive mode and fly the Cargobob around for you, the game will take their passive mode and keep the tank attached as if there is a huge magnet in place of the hook and this will keep the tank in air until an enemy destroys it.


How to get flying tank in GTA Online?

  1. Find a Rhino or Khanjali tank
  2. Grab yourself a Cargobob
  3. Have someone fly the Cargobob for you and hook the tank on
  4. Have the Cargobob pilot enable Passive mode with the tank attached

There you go now you can fly around the city and create chaos with your
tank, this trick is not limited to tanks only, you can also use other vehicles
to roam around the city and create chaos.

However, aiming down while flying in a tank can be rough but if you manage
to do so then you got the city under control until an RPG comes straight
towards your Helicopter and destroys it.

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