2021 is about to start and TikTok is upgrading their game with new colourful profile badges for their users and a new feature to view your year on the platform. So here is How to get 2021 profile badge on TikTok.

2020 was full of roller coaster ride for TikTok – getting banned in India to Charlie D’ Amelio
becoming the most followed star on platform. The year was full of events and loads of trends.

However, the strict algorithm of the platform has also been keeping tabs on users hobbies and
their likes, dislikes while scrolling through videos on the explore page. And by combining these
stats they have released a new feature for fans “Your Year” and some cool colourful 2021 profile badge for you to add onto your TikTok profiles.

Well, this is not entirely new feature as many other platforms like “Spotify” is already giving
users a summarized look of their year, which led to a huge wave of memes/criticisms
regarding the stats and TikTok is also following the same.

But apart from this one of the new coolest feature that you may also want to use is the
2021 colourful TikTok profile badge and here is how you can get your badges and view “Your Year” on the platform.

How to get 2021 profile badge on TikTok?

  1. Upon opening the app you should see a banner encouraging you to click to see your Year on TikTok.
  2. If the banner doesn’t appear on your FYP, head to the Discover tab and search YearOnTikTok. There will be an additional banner at the top that will take you to the same page.
  3. Once on the page, click ‘Get Started’ and enjoy as TikTok takes you through some of your most fun stats of the year.
  4. After scrolling through the whole slideshow, TikTok will give you the option to post a video of your yearly roundup. Click the ‘Post on TikTok’ button to do so.
  5. Once shared, the 2021 badge should appear at the corner of your profile picture.

TikTok is really stepping up the game and users are loving their Year roundup videos. For more such news follow us on Twitter.

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