How to fix Xbox One Overwatch error BC-124?

After a recent update in Overwatch, many players are dealing with an issue or error on Xbox One which causes them difficulties in logging into the game which is reported with an error code BC-124.

On the recent update on May 7, 2019, Overwatch introduced a new map called “Havana”, with restoring  Numbani  in the competitive map pool and adding the 2019 All-Stars skins.

Code BBc-124 is causing players not to log in into the game servers.

What is error BC-124?

The basic meaning of BC-124 is that there is difficulty in the connection between your Xbox and the game’s server.

The first thing you can do to fix this issue is to check if there is any problem with your internet connection and if the problem still resists we have some of the steps which will fix this problem for you.

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How to fix Overwatch error BC-124?

First things first please make sure that your Xbox is up-to-date. And you can check it by simply going to System > Settings > Updates & Downloads. If there is an update for your Xbox this might be listed below your Update section and if not then move forward to next step which is to make sure that your Overwatch is also up-to-date.

If your console and the game are already up-to-date so next thing you need to do is to reboot your whole system and network you can do this by unplugging both your Xbox and router and leaving them like that for 1 minute and then start again.

Next step check your NAT type, this can be done by going through your Xbox Settings, you need to turn it to “Open”.

For Wi-Fi users.

For those who are using a Wi-Fi connection, an unstable can be the issue for this error. Follow all the steps listed above and if you still encountering the error try reconnecting your Xbox and Blizzard accounts.

Step by Step Fix For Bc-124 error.

  1. Update Xbox and Overwatch.
  2. Restart your Xbox and router.
  3. Change NAT type to Open
  4. Change to wired connection ( Only Wi-Fi Userss)
  5. Reconnect Xbox and Blizzard account.

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