Sony official must Fix PlayStation 5 Games Defaulting To PS4 Versions bug as it is messing up with the user experience, and if you do not notice it while downloading a cross-generation game, you may end up downloading the PS4 version instead of PS5.

It has only been a couple of days since the release of most awaited Sony PlayStation 5
but the bugs are already being identified by the users, the first bug that has surfaced
is the forcing players to download the older version of the game.

Using PlayStation is super easy, you can transfer all your games and files from your
old PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 with a single click which is really awesome and
all thanks to Sony to make it this much easier.

Ways to Fix PlayStation 5 Games Defaulting To PS4 Versions

There is a problem with downloading games, apparently when you try to
download a cross-generation game onto your PS5 it will automatically download the
PS4 version of the game without notifying you.

Like if you have a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you can choose
whether you want to download the old console version or the new one but
apparently, PS5 consistently defaults to downloading PS4 versions of
cross-generation games when they appear in your library.

This needs to be patch up soon, because there is a high percentage of that you will
end up downloading the wrong version of the game if you do not pay attention
while downloading.

How to download PS5 version of the Cross-generation console game?

Highlight a cross-gen game in the Library tab and you’ll almost always see the PS4 version, and not the PS5 version, at first glance–although this fact is not made clear at all. You have to hit the button with the three dots that appears when you select a game in order to pull up a menu where you can choose between and download each version.

Moreover, this is not the only issue, apart from prompting you to download the
PS4 version of the game, every time you will try to play your PS5 game from the
last interacted game section on your home screen it will automatically change to
the PlayStation 4 version and will ask you to download the same.

Although there is a button to switch the generation of the game, but that is all
weird and very annoying.

So make sure to check what game version you are trying to play every time.

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