Have you faced Outriders’ authentication failed error? If so, here are some easy steps that will fix this issue and log you back into the game. 

Since the game’s launch, there have been many server issues that have stopped players from progressing through the game. However, one of the most frustrating and irritating  problems is authentication failed error bug. 

The error of the game causes infinite loading upon booting up the game and stops Outriders players to access the main menu. this bug completely stops players from playing the game. For this, there is a fix that will help you enabling completely remedy this annoying issue. 

How to fix error Outriders authentication failed


No-matter if you are trying to grind your way through to get the best Outsiders Legendary weapons and armor or is looking for some mesmerizing powerful mods for the game. There had been a lot of frustrating bugs in the game but this one is the worst as it is not letting players get through the login screen.

And if you are wanting to play the game without bug and outsider authentication failed error then you have to follow carefully these steps given below.

If closing down the game and rebooting it doesn’t fix Outriders’ authentication failed error, then you’ll need to use the fix below:

  1. Reset your internet connection by restarting your router.
  2. Power off and restart your PC or console.
  3. Boot up your PC or console.
  4. Log back into Outriders. 

While no official fix has been outlined by People Can Fly, the steps above should enable you to get back into the looting shooting action.

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