Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War requires high-end hardware to perform at high settings but it lags in medium and low-end PCs so here is a full step-by-step article to fix lag in Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops: Cold War is the latest game in CoD franchise and is said to be one of the best games from the
series but nothing is perfect – the game also has a bit of issues like server connection issues and game

The new issue that players are dealing with the game is Lag and low FPS issue, however a simple
optimization trick can solve this problem and give your FPS a little boost.

This trick is not limited to single-mode but also covers the overall modes in BO: CW game, by performing
these steps you can also turn off certain settings which may be distracting you from performing well.


How to Fix lag in Black Ops Cold War?

LAG Justin Fargo-P Call of Duty world champ tweets a video showing a step-by-step guide to fix lag in Cold War.

How to increase FPS in Black Ops: CW?

To increase FPS we will start from very basics, first check whether your graphics card driver is up-to-date or
not, sometimes having graphics card running on old driver results in poor FPS.

Big Graphics Card franchises like NVIDIA and AMD releases a newer version of their graphics card driver
before any AAA title launches and CoD BO: Cold War was one of the most hyped game so there is a 95%
chance that your drivers need an update.

Credit: Kephren

Step-By-Step guide to improve FPS

  1. Make sure that the Display Mode is set to Fullscreen
  2. Refresh Rate should be set according to the highest native refresh rate of the player’s monitor. For example, if the player has a 144Hz monitor, they should set the refresh rate to 144Hz.
  3. You need to disable the Gameplay V-Sync and the Menu V-Sync
  4. Moving on to the Render Resolution, you should set it at 100 when starting. However, if performance issues persist, then this is the setting that you would need to lower.
  5. Setting Aspect Ratio to Automatic and Field of View to 100 is optimal to avoid FPS drops in the game.
  6. After setting Framerate Limit to Custom, you need to set the Gameplay Custom Framerate Limit to their monitor’s maximum refresh rate.
  7. For the Texture QualityModel QualitySpecial Effects QualityScreen Space Reflection, and Object View Distance players should check the capabilities of their GPU and set the values accordingly. However, setting all of the above to Low will ensure a better gameplay performance with minimum lag.

These settings will definitely help you getting a bit more FPS and also reduce lag that you was facing earlier.

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