A strange new Infinite Warzone update issue is annoying both PlayStation and Xbox players so, in this article we will be covering how to fix this issue.

For WARZONE update loop bug Raven software, the developer of WARZONE has found a loophole for both PlayStation and XBOX player since the game’s last patch.

But this is not a complete fix they are still working on fixing the loop.

A few days back, its developer has launched an update patch for XBOX and PLAYSTATION player but after updating players are facing a problem in which players are not being able to start the game because the game’s update keeps installing over and over again and if you are also facing same problem, then here is a solution by RAVEN.

RAVEN software has posted a temporary workaround on Warzone’s official Trello page until they found an actual bug fix that will solve this issue.

Infinite Warzone update issue on PlayStation Fix


RAVEN has found a temporary workaround for fixing this update loop while they find the bug fix but this workaround maybe not liked by a limited Hard drive space user, because it needs more storage.

Here’s what you’ll need to do, according to RAVEN:

  1. Let both install
  2. Launch the game
  3. Go to DLC Management screen(R3) from main menu or via setting menu
  4. Install both Campaign pack and Special Ops Packs

RAVEN has announced in Trello card that this fix may not work for every player but they are still trying to help them. Some players are hoping this is a permanent fix but this is not a surefire.

They mention in the card that the “team wants feedback about if the workaround is actually working or not”.

We can only hope for a permanent bug fix for this loop as soon as they got. But still, it’s better than nothing.

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