High Ping can cause a lot of pain in your online Multiplayer games and same happened with me a couple of weeks back and from then I have always been looking for ways to fix this high ping issue.

High Ping can become a problem for anyone, even if a guy having a good internet connection can face this ping issue, and if you are one of those gamers then this post is extremely helpful for you.

Well, we can’t completely reduce Ping to 0 or 5 but we can get it under 100 so that the game is playable.

I have done a lot of research and tried a bunch of different methods to fix the issue and here are 5 ways to fix High Ping issue in online multiplayer games.

In this post, I have discussed ways to fix network lag – Caused by PING issue and the other one is Game Lag – Caused by your system’s weak performance.

What is Ping?

What is PING or Latency?

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol network.

In online games, there are two working at the same time, first is your computer and second is the game’s host server.

When you play games your pc continuously sends packet requests to the host server, Ping is the time between sending and receiving of packets.

Latency is the synonym of Ping.

And in online multiplayer games, Ping can make a huge difference, the higher your ping is the more time it will take you to get a response from the host server, which will result in slowing your movement.

Well, there is two kinds of the lag first one is PING or Network Lag then there is Game lag – Your computer may be affected in this case.

Ways to fix ping in online games

Use Ethernet Connection

The first thing to eliminate in order to Fix High ping in online games

Ethernet cable can give you an upper hand in-game, as wifi is prone to many obstacles in between you and your router.

Like, a nearby electronic device, walls and major one is the distance from your router.

And you guessed it correct ethernet cable doesn’t have to deal with any one of these.

Moreover, it wouldn’t cost you much as many routers come with an extra pair of ethernet cable or you can just ask your internet provider.

Likewise, every modern motherboard and laptop comes with an Ethernet port so you don’t have to buy an expansion card for just using a wired connection.

This was our first and foremost step towards fixing the high ping issue.

Improve your Wifi Connection

Improving the Wifi router can lower ping

If anyhow you can’t upgrade to a wired connection and still wants to improve your latency follow these steps.

  • Upgrade your router: Upgrade your router to the higher band as they are less prone to these daily life obstacles
  • Move closer to router: Move close to your router as it will reduce the distance between your wifi router and pc and may result in better latency
  • Reduce the number of obstacles: Try to reduce the number of obstacles in the way, like extra electronic device and other.
  • Reduce the number of devices connected: Reduce the number of devices connected to your wifi and free up some bandwidth for your PC to use.

Remove extra Background Apps

Disabling background bandwidth using apps is a good intensive

There are a lot of background apps which continuously uses your bandwidth without your attention.

Try to shut them down, the one major bandwidth using background app is “Windows auto-update“.

Turn off auto-updates for Windows.

To find more of these bandwidth using background apps check “Task Manager”.

Then, go to Steam>Download>”Uncheck” Auto Downloads.

Also, it is a healthy step to disable “Location services” in windows.

Go to Settings>Privacy>Location

Shift your game from an HDD to SDD and it will fix your game lag.

And if you have a CPU with lesser ram and cores you should definitely kill all your background apps.

Remove Viruses

A virus can affect both network Lag and Game lag

Viruses are one of the major causes for slowing down your pc performance, there is only one way to eliminate these viruses.

You need to have a good anti-malware software in your pc, likewise, you should always keep scanning your PC time to time for any potential viruses like trojan, horse etc.

But, whenever you play online games you should definitely close this anti-virus software as they use a lot of RAM and some network bandwidth resulting in high ping.

Do not use VPNs

avoid-vpn-to lower-ping
VPNs are a major no in case of High Ping issue

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks mainly used to access the internet from any countries local IP from a different country.

Although, it is very good intensive to use VPNs while browsing the internet so these private companies won’t track your activity.

But, it can be a poor decision to use it when gaming as while using a VPN your computer needs to send packet request first to the VPN server then Vpn server will send it to game’s host server and it will take a lot of time and increase your Latency.

So, you should definitely avoid using VPNs while gaming.

Ping Enhancer

If you are still using Windows 7 then this can be a great tool for you.

PingEnhancer is a small Windows-based program, which will reduce your latency by increasing the frequency of TCP package acknowledgements sent to the game server (all kind of online games).

How to use Ping Enhancer?

  1. Launch the tool and click on the Optimize button.
  2. Next, restart the PC and your connection will be optimized.

* Note: Use this only if none of these methods is working for you as this will make adjustments in your windows registry file.

Restarting Modem/Router


Most of us do not restart our modem/router any time. but doing it once a day can help in fixing high ping in games.

When you restart your router it clears the DNS cache and also resets your Ip with your ISP.

And if you are using the same router from a very long time, then it might be a good time to replace your router with a new one.

Check if the Router is overheating or anything like that or maybe PC is heating up.

Right Game Server

Choosing the right game server can reduce ping

Choosing the right game server can be a game-changing move as many of the online multiplayer games like CS:GO lets you set your maximum acceptable ping for matchmaking.

Whereas, online battle royale games like PUBG let you set the server region to play on.

But there are many games which use peer-to-peer hosting which improves stability in games with the fewer player base, but it can be a disaster to host a game with a high player base on peer-to-peer hosting.

In Peer-to-Peer hosting your PC is communicating with other players PC rather than a central server.

And if any of the connected PCs have a poor connection it will result in spoiling other game also.

PC Drivers

Make sure to keep all of your PC drivers updated.

More specifically Network & Graphics driver as these two are the main reasons behind your High Ping issue in online games.


Contact your ISP maybe there can be an internet connection issue from your ISP side.

But, before contacting your ISP make sure to check your internet connection speed.

These are all the methods that you can use to fix high ping issue for your any online games, and also make sure to mention how you fixed your high ping issue if none of these ways worked for you.

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