In this article, I will teach you the way that How to fix Apex legends party not ready error, Party leader quit errors with ease.

Apex legends have become one of the most popular games since its release, but there are plenty of bugs which are killing the hype of this game.

Error messages are very annoying in the game sometimes it appears during your game and it just feels like uninstalling it straight away but hey don’t do that I am here to help you fix some of these errors and shut them up.

In this article, I m going to address the three most common errors which I think everyone has experienced once in a while.

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So the first error is

Fix Party Not Ready


Basically, Party Not ready means what ? it means that a person has not entered the game or just failed to connect to the game but sometimes it just popups randomly even if everyone is Ready or connected and here is its fix.

First thing restart your game. If you have entered someone else’s lobby leave it and create a new one and add others into your  lobby

But hold on what if you can’t leave the lobby and create a new one, don’t worry we have another solution navigate to the Game Menu or Settings menu and click on the “Return to Main Menu” button.

And if all of these fails then my friend the ultimate last thing you can do is just reinstall the game.

Moving on to our 2nd error which is

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Party leader quit


This error causes because either your Party leader has lost connection to the game or he/she has been AFK for a while. If you are the party leader take back the lead and start the match this will fix the issue and if it doesn’t let the party leader know that he/she might need to restart the game.

3rd and last error for this is

Out of Sync with the Server


This is the most annoying error of the Apex legends game it just popups out of nowhere anytime.

Out of Sync with the server” will lead every player to think that it must be the server error and the server is on maintenance or something but wait it is not I have the fix for this.

To fix this issue open up “Apex Legends” navigate to Settings menu > Click on the Video tab

Go extreme down on the list until you reach where it says “Texture Streaming Budget” set it to “None”.

Basically what it does is that it analyse how fast he needs to load the texture for you and my friend if your playing on a pc which can’t hold the load while you are in an intense firefight running here and there trying some extraordinary moves it simply gets stuck because your pc is not responding that fast for him and the server kick you out of the game.

Alternatively, you can also lower some of your video settings but it is not advisable because it can result in a less clear vision of objects.

That’s it for today hope these methods will fix your “How to fix apex legends party not ready error” query and don’t forget to visit us daily because we are posting on a daily basis.

Thank you 🙂