In this article, we will go step by step on How to fix apex legends lag. The cause of lag can be caused by any other third-party software running on the background but in this section, we will optimize apex legends to be lag-free

How to fix Apex Legends lag?

Today we are going to discuss how to fix apex legends lag and how to optimize it to play it on low-end pc.

Apex legends itself gives many features for getting more fps from an average pc.

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So First you have to do the following settings in your game settings.

Gameplay Settings

  1. Interact Prompt Style: Default
  2. Button Hints: On
  3. Crosshair Damage Feedback: Xw/Shield icon
  4. Damage Numbers: Stacking
  5. Ping Opacity: Default
  6. Incoming Damage Feedback: 2D
  7. Streamer Mode: Off
  8. Usage Sharing: Enabled


  1. Enable Accessible Chat Features: Off
  2. Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text: Off
  3. Play Incoming text Chat as Speech: Off


  1. Mouse Acceleration: Off
  2. Mouse Invert: Off

Video Settings


Close the game

Now another fix for NVIDIA Graphic card users

This Is only for Nvidia Graphic card users for AMD we will soon bring a fix for you guys also

So now let’s get back

Open up your Nvidia Control Panel

  1. Go to Manage 3D settings
  2. Find Your Game: If you are unable to find your game click add then browse and add your game.
  3. Choose High Performance in select the preferred graphics card processor option: This will unlock the ga which is locked at 30 FPS.

These are the settings you can follow up to increase your fps and decrease your lag.

Apex legends Mouse lag fix

Here are some of the measures we have found around the internet which worked for many other players facing apex legends mouse lag

The disabling of full-screen optimizations/dpi scaling in properties.
-Disabling shader cache in Nvidia control panel.
-Rivatuner statistics server to cap frame rates.
-Turning game settings down to lowest settings.
-Turning mouse polling down from 1000hz to 500 or 250. If your CPU is really being hammered and can’t keep up with realtime processing, this can help.

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