How to fix Apex Legends Crash PC (NVIDIA/AMD)?


How to fix Apex Legends Crash PC (NVIDIA/AMD)?

Since, the last update from Apex Legends official that had some balance fixes like, Weapon balance, Additional patches, Minor legends balance and much more.

But, after the last update many players were facing a Apex legends Crash problem, some of them had some sort of connectivity to server problem also. Apex legends have released the update to make some balance in game but it ended up causing more problems for the player.

Crashes can be caused due to any hardware or software problem on your pc.

So, here are some of the fixes we recommend to you so you can play Apex Legends on your PCs and Consoles.

First of all if you are using a AMD Phenom (or older) processor you can’t play Apex legends on your pc it will crash as soon as you run the game.

1. Open Task Manager and do the following.

> Disable any overlay.

> Disable Programs from startup tab.

2.Open up Origin Launcher.

> Right click apex legends.

> select Repair

It will download all the missing files and will take some time.

3.Open File Explorer

> Drive C > Program Files > Origin > Apex > Right click select Properties.

> In compatibility tab select Run the program in  compatibility mode for windows 7.

> Select Run the program as an administrator.

> Apply.

4. Disable Firewall

These methods will fix much of your issues and if you still face some problem please let us know in the comment section.

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