The new Apex Legends Firing Range area features many hidden secret spots and glitched areas many players have found these areas during the search of season 3 easter eggs.

Firing Range is the updated version of the old training area in Apex Legends.

New Firing Range includes many different and new options to practise for players.

It also includes many secret and hidden areas like Dropship and many other easter eggs revealed during 27th November Devstream.

and after that players have been finding ashes and has been roaming around the map to find more.

Players have found many hard to reach areas in Apex Legends Firing Range map.

Some of them are hard to reach and other areas need players to be glitched out of the map to reach there.

so without further ado let’s get started

How to find Dropship outside the new Apex legends Firing Range?

Dropship is parked outside the Firing Range map.

It flies over the World’s Edge map at the beginning of every match helping players to dropdown.

But getting on to the dropship is not an easy task.

You need to do these steps:

  1. Drop into the Water
  2. Run a long way to another rock-island
  3. Begin Climbing

Pathfinder is said to be the most suitable legend for this job.

Along with Pathfinder, I recommend you to also carry his extra Ultimate Accelerants and a Sniper Rifle.

Accelerants for recreating his zipline ultimate ability to climb on the island.

Sniper Rifle to see far away on the map.

After, reaching at the top switch to Crypto and use his drone to see inside the Dropship waiting for you at the top.

In the Firing Range map, you can see the high quality and detailed Dropship.

Some of the players say that Dropship is an easter egg because of the time invested in creating it.

How to glitch out of the map in Firing Range?

There are many hidden areas on the map which requires players to glitch out of the map to reach there.

In order to glitch out of the map do as follows:

  1. Go inside the entrance Chamber
  2. Walk to the corner where rock wall meets the pathway
  3. Start climbing on the ledge and switch to Wraith
  4. Start walking against the wall and switch to Crypto
  5. after reaching at the very end of ledge switch to Pathfinder and grapple it will throw you out of the map.

So this was it I hope you have found this article helpful.

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