In this article, I will try to solve your query “How to delete my discord account”? and do comment your any further queries regarding Discord.

Discord is an online voice and chat system built by gamers for gamers.

How to delete my Discord Account?

To delete your discord account you need to get rid of each and every server you yours.

And by that I mean all the servers you own not those which you have joined over the time.

So, basically there are two simple ways to do this you can use either of them.

  1. Delete all your servers
  2. Transfer the adminship to the person you trust

From my point of view, I will only follow the 2nd step only if I m planning to rejoin the server.

If you don’t do these you will get some error like this:


Then, click on the gear right next to your nickname at the bottom left of your screen.


It will automatically take you to the My Account section, if not then click on User Settings > My Account at the top of the menu.


Click on the edit button on the right side of your Discord Nickname.

An expanded version of your Nickname will be Opened.

then, click on Delete Account (Let me be clear Deleting your account will delete all of your data and information and if you are planning to leave Discord for some time and rejoin then you should use Disable feature by Clicking Disable Account.


The very next screen will ask you to enter your Discord current password as of security reasons.

Enter your Password and click Delete Account and you are done.

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