Season 6 is said to be the best season till now, and in this article, we have all the steps you need to defeat Guardian of the Woods in Fortnite Season 6.


  • Fortnite Season 6 is currently live and it is now said to be the best season ever featuring a ton of skins, cosmetics and map changes.
  • One of the biggest NPC boss this season is Guardian of the Woods “Spire Guardians” and here is how you can defeat them.

The so-called “Guardian of Woods” are the new addition to Fortnite. These
NPC boss drops large orb which players can exchange for rare weapons
and items at the central spire.

One of these Guardian is the Guardian of Woods, and here is where you
can find her and how to defeat her.


All Guardian of the Woods location in Fortnite

Players can easily find these Guardians who will be patrolling around
their respective smaller spires, waiting for players and eliminate them,
these smaller spires are located around the bigger spire placed at the
centre of the map.

Guardian of the Woods can be found southwest of the main central spire.
To be precise she is at the centre of Weeping woods.

Well, finding her is only one part of your chance of getting a rare weapon.
These NPCs can fight like actual players but there hit does more damage
than a normal player. Moreover, they also have teleportation power,
so be careful while you are around them.

How to defeat the Guardian of the Woods in Fortnite

  1. Head to Weeping Woods.
  2. Find the Guardian of the Forest (should be patrolling around the Spire).
  3. Make sure you have shields and weapons ready.
  4. Fight and defeat the Guardian of the Woods.
  5. Claim your rare weapon and the orb.

As we mentioned earlier on defeat these Guardians will drop a large orb
which you can take back to the central spire and exchange it for the Mythic Spire Jumpboots, which let you move around much quicker.

However, there is a trick to it, while you are carrying the orb you can
definitely jump higher but you are restricted to use any other item or
shoot back if someone tries to snipe you, so be careful while carrying it
to the central spire.

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