If you are looking for ways to defeat Guardian of the Mountains in Fortnite Season 6, then you have come to the right place keep reading to know just where you can find them and how you can defeat them.


  • Fortnite Season 6 is currently live and it is now said to be the best season ever featuring a ton of skins, cosmetics and map changes.
  • One of the biggest NPC boss this season is Guardian of the Mountains “Spire Guardians” and here is how you can defeat them.

Epic Games has added Six new NPC bosses to Fortnite each of them guarding
their respective spire. However, on defeating them you get a rare weapon
or item as a reward.


Finding Guardian of Mountains is one of the biggest headache and to defeat
them is very easy so here is the exact location of the Guardian.

All Guardian of the Mountains location in Fortnite

You are probably wondering what is the large structure that’s appeared in
the middle of the map, it is called “The Spire” for Season 6. Moreover, there
are many small spires located around this large structure and that is where
you can find these Guardians.

The Guardian of the Mountains Spire is located on the southeast side of the island, just to the north of Retail Row, precisely, nestled high up in the mountains.

Well, once you encounter her head-on be prepared because she might
eliminate you before you get a chance because she holds ability like
teleportation and can easily catch you off-guard.

How to defeat the Guardian of the Mountains in Fortnite

  1. Head to Retail Row.
  2. Find the Guardian of the Mountains (should be patrolling around the Spire to the north).
  3. Make sure you have shields and weapons ready.
  4. Fight and defeat the Guardian of the Mountains.
  5. Claim your rare weapon and the orb.

After defeating Guardians they will drop giant black orbs, just pick each one up and take it to the central Spire and turn it in for the mythic Spire Jumpboots, which lets you double jump high enough to use your glider and get around much quicker.

However, there is a trick to it, while you are carrying the orb you can
definitely jump higher but you are restricted to use any other item or
shoot back if someone tries to snipe you, so be careful while carrying it
to the central spire.