How to create a 16 man squad in Fortnite Battle Royale?

From 30th of April 2019 players are allowed to create a 16 man squad and drop into any game mode which supports more than 4 man squad.

Now you can hop into modes like 50v50 or the recent Avengers: Endgame crossover, with not just of your three friends but with a full army of 16-players who are ready to vanish Thanos from the land.

Fortnite has stated this feature as “Large Party Feature”  and it is for a limited time. Now you can enjoy your game with all of your friends.

This feature might succeed to a high range because it will help people enjoy the game more than focusing on Victory Royale because when there are friends around you never know what gonna happen next.

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 Basic question

How Does it actually work?

When you will log into Fortnite you will find a Big button or tab called “Squad Formation” once you are inside it you will find a Normal squad called “Llama Squad” which is 4-man squad and other than this you will find three more squads who are stated as

  1. Crab Squad: Don’t worry there are no crabs inside that but it requires three members
  2. Bear squad: Once you will click it a bear will jump out of your screen. No don’t worry nothings gonna happen but it requires nine players.
  3. Dragon Squad: It requires at least 13 members and it might transfer you to the era of Dragons you never know what’s gonna happen

So the Large Party system basically works just like that you keep on adding players until the limit is reached and boom you have an army of either 16 Pros or 16 idiots who are here to have fun.

What Limited Time Modes supports Large Party Feature.

  1. Final Fight
  2. 50v50
  3. Teams of 20
  4. Infinity Gauntlet/Endgame
  5. Team Rumble

How to create a 16 man squad in Fortnite Battle Royale?From 30th of April 2019 players

  1. Soaring 50’s
  2. Driftin’
  3. Food Fight
  4. Disco Domination

Infinity Stones Timing

One more thing Fortnite has increased the timing of infinity stones to pick up has been changed from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

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