Valorant can be your next frequent FPS title and sensitivity plays a huge role in any FPS game so, to make everything easy for you we have a quick guide on how to copy sensitivity in valorant from Overwatch and CS: GO.

Riot Games is all set to debut in FPS genre with there next game Valorant and the beta
release of the game is not so far.

So you might want to have everything ready to dominate the game from the beginning.

Now just like any other FPS game (CS: GO Overwatch etc), sensitivity plays a crucial role in
gameplay and getting used to a new sensitivity will take quite a lot of time.

And unfortunately, there is no way that you can transfer your exact sensitivity settings from
one game to another but we have got our hands on the exact ratio to calculate your
sensitivity all thanks to C9PVPX.


How to set Valorant sensitivity

Cloud9 Apex pro Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore has calculated the exact ratio to set the sensitivity
on when jumping form other games like CS: GO, Apex etc. to Valorant.

The Apex pro has created a list of sensitivity conversions from your favourite FPS titles, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while playing the game for the first time.

They are as follows:

  • Apex Legends: Sensitivity divided by 3.18181818
  • CS:GO: Sensitivity divided by 3.18181818
  • Overwatch: Sensitivity divided by 10.6
  • Rainbow Six: Sensitivity multiplied by 1.2

Field of View is a thing that differs in every game, and a lot of games let you customize it
according to your preferences.

You may have to adjust your sensitivity after setting it, but these calculations give you a
brief information about how to find your sensitivity.

Changing DPI on the mouse can also be a good practise to do, if you think your sensitivity is low try turning your DPI a little up and vice versa.

There are two ways to set up DPI one is with the button given on your mouse or the mouse
software and the second one is to change it in your control panel.

Valorant closed beta will start from April 7 and here is how you can sign up for Valorant Closed beta.

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