Modern Warfare Aisle 9 ‘Last Roll’ easter egg, this article will guide you on how to complete and activate the Last Roll easter egg.

On May 19 Infinity ward released an update, combination of two maps – the most
favourite Hardhat, and a brand new small-sized battlefield called “Aisle 9.”, Modern
Warfare season 3 end is right around the corner and still, Infinity Ward is trying to
push new content to keep players grinding.

Well, Aisle 9 is a small map but contains a lot of easter eggs in it and this article will
guide you on how to complete Modern Warfare Aisle 9 ‘Last Roll’ easter egg.

Modern Warfare Aisle 9 ‘Last Roll’ easter egg

It is very simple you just need to shoot the teddy bears scattered all across the map,
these are the same teddy bears appeared in World at War and Black Ops, when you
shoot these teddy bears they will trigger a new easter egg.

One teddy will spawn at a time in one part of the ma, once you shoot that teddy the
next will spawn in another location, after shooting all 10 teddies, the last teddy bear
will pop up and when you shoot that one also it will open up a brand new part of the map.

What is Last Roll Easter Egg?

After shooting the last teddy on the top of the truck,  the vehicle’s doors will swing open and confetti will explode around you.

Disco music will be glaring on repeat as lights flash and sparklers continue erupting. Once the fanfare dies down, a single roll of toilet paper will become visible in the middle of the truck.

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‘The Last Roll’ is a toilet paper and has a golden aura surrounding, but you can only
watch it and can not interact with it, you can not equip it, you can not shoot it and
you can not pick it up. It is there only for fun and nothing else.

Make sure to trigger this easter egg when you get back in to the Aisle 9, you can either
wait for Aisle 9 to show up in rotation or you can hop into custom game.

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