How to complete Fortnite Truce Celebrated quest, maybe the last quest of Fortnite Season 2 with a reward of 15,000XP that can little bit boost your Battle Pass.

As we all know Fortnite Season 2 is one the verge of ending and Epic Games is trying
to keep players entertained and with recent patch update they have released a new
secret quest – Truce Celebrated quest.

Truce quest is a secret war between teddy bears and Gnomes and for those of you who
are grinding real hard to level up your Battle Pass this can ease up your load little bit
because the reward on completion of this quest is 15,000XP.

How to complete Fortnite Truce Celebrated quest?

There is no rocket science in completing this quest all you have to do is find Teddy bears and Gnomes, stand right next to them and watch the experience pile up.

Drop near the Eastern side of Wailing Woods and in the midst of the forest, you’ll
find them sitting around a table. Seemingly signing a peace treaty after weeks of hostility.

Fortnite Truce quest location

With the end of season 2 The secret Teddy bear vs Gnome war is also seem to
come at an end as ‘Gnome More War’ pops up on screen and confetti explodes in the area. Gnomes and bears should be on the same page in every update from here on out.

And this also confirms that this is the final quest of this storyline and there will no further
easy to grab 15,000XP reward quests.

This quest is the end of the Teddy bear vs Gnome questline but we do not know if this
is the end of last Season 2 quest before Season 3 goes live.

Well, if you are trying to get your Battle Pass to the maximum or grinding for that Golden Peely skin this free 15,000XP matters, so you should better hurry up.

Apart from this 15,000XP reward there is also Storm The Agency Challenges holding 120,000 XP.

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