In this article we have mentioned all the necessary steps you need to follow in order to Change your Username in Free Fire – we have also included some websites from where you can copy-paste some stylish names.

Players often use different symbols in their usernames to make them stylish and to stand out from others in-game, it is one of representing yourself as an intermediate/professional player.

Many new users of the game do not know about this and often uses simple names.

At the time of signing up for the game, Free Fire gives players an opportunity to pick the best-suited username for themselves.

However, in a state of hurry to join others, many of us often selects the simple username for ourselves, which we later wants to change.

Luckily, the game offers an option to change names even after signing up , but this time it is not for free.

Players have to pay 390 diamonds(in-game money) to change their names.

Website likes Nickfinder and Free-Fire Name can help the player to use a wide variety of signs. Which make their name cool and stylish.

Android and IOS keyboards don’t have a wide variety of signs so we consider using this website.

Steps to change username in free fire:

  • Firstly, you need to boot up your Free Fire on your device and click the profile banner, you can find it at the top left corner of the screen.
  • After that, you have to then click on the name change button. You can find it right below your username.
  • Once the dialogue box appears, you can enter a name of your choice or paste the name that you might have selected from the website above.
  • After that, you will be prompted to make proper payments for changing their name.

This article is strictly for those players who are new to the game and does not have any knowledge about it. Intermediate and Professional players already know how to change the username in Free Fire.

For more Tips and Tricks check out our dedicated section where we have listed Tips & tricks for many different games.

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