How to cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription? here is a step-by-step guide to unsubscribe from the newly added subscription system in Fortnite on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Fortnite crew membership is the newly added content in Season 5 of the popular battle royale, inside this
subscription plan you get multiple skins and cosmetics. But there can be a thousand reasons why you
do not want to continue with this service and opt-out to unsubscribe the membership plan.

How to cancel Fortnite Crew Membership Subscription

Steps for PC Players

  1. First things first, players are required to navigate to and log in to their account.
  2. Once that’s done, players will be required to head over to the subscriptions option on the right. There should be a cogwheel on the top right corner.
  3. Clicking on that would bring up an option to cancel the subscription. The remaining on-screen dialogues will help the players navigate through the process.

Steps for PlayStation Players

  1. For those who play on the PS4, they need to navigate to and sign in to the Playstation Network.
  2. Once there, players need to go into subscription management, click on Fortnite, and turn off Auto-Renew to cancel the Fortnite Crew subscription.

Steps for Xbox Players

  1. For those who play on the Xbox, they need to navigate to and then sign in to their Microsoft account.
  2. Players will then be required to select subscription and services on top of the page and navigate to the subscription listing.
  3. Once there, players will need to click on Fortnite and click on cancel subscription and follow the prompts to cancel the Fortnite Crew subscription.

This was a step-by-step guide for all of you in case you want to unsubscribe Fortnite Crew Membership subscription plan. For more such guides and gaming news follow us on social media.

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