How to Become a Professional Gamer


How to become a professional gamer? Becoming a professional gamer is the dream of every gamer whether it is a 10 years old kid or 30 years, old grown man.

In this article, I am going to share with you 5 tips or steps which you can follow on to become a professional E-sports player.

In the current gaming industry, it has become super easy to be a professional player than it was before 2017.

Now anyone who has talent and dedication towards any E-sports game can become a E-sports gamer.

There are multiple steps for this heaven and many of you has already acknowledged it.

But, there are still many gamers who don’t know how to become a professional gamer and how they can make money out of it.

So, here I am to give you 5 steps which will lead you 5 steps closer to your dream of becoming a professional player.

How to become a professional gamer?

Find a game


Yeah! Find a game which suits you. A game which attracts your attention.

The game which you can play for hours without getting bored.

A game which motivates you.

And most importantly a game which is being played on E-sports level.

Don’t quit your Job


Even if you have figured out the game don’t quit your job for E-sports.

Because having a backup plan is always good it will not do any harm to you or your career.

And a job can help you build Pc for competing and practising.



Practise is something which you will do in your entire E-sports career.

So you need to practise hard either practise solo or make a team with your friends to practise.

Create a practice routine for your professional gamer career.

If you follow any professional player you must be aware that they follow a pre-game warmup session with bots.

Although, it is not possible in every game to have bots to practise much of the E-sports game have a practise mode like CS:GO and PUBG.

So, either follow the practise routine of your personal favourite gamer or make one of your own.

Join Community


Reach out to those people who are already in the E-sports gaming scene.

Talk to them, make a good relationship and play with them you can learn a lot from there play style.


Compete in Online tournaments and perform your best.

Then, compete in LAN tournaments show your skills there and grab attention.

Rage Control

Keep your calm in an intense situation or a downfall situation don’t lose your calm.

Get Sponsorship


If you are planning to become a professional gamer you need to acquire some sponsors.

Find some sponsor and talk to them.

Bonus: learn from others

Watch Professional gamers videos and tutorials.

Try to learn their playstyle, how they keep calm in an intense situation, how they perform under pressure and all.

How to become a professional player and get paid?

1. Find a game in which you want to become a professional gamer
2. Don’t quit your Job
3. Practise
4. Join Community
5. Get Sponsorship

So these were your 5 steps on how to become a professional player. I hope you found it useful to make sure to subscribe to newsletter or notifications.