Having a Discord server is a must nowadays and if you are new and want to know how to add roles in the Discord server then keep reading.

Have you ever created a discord server and there are many members? If yes then you have to give roles to discord members to manage the server.

And you have to know how to give and modify roles in discord. Fortunately, this is not difficult work to do. Giving a “Role” to a member is basically allowing him/her to do things within your server.

It’s just like a company boss giving the position to their employees to manage the company and handling the different section of the company.

Members having roles can create new channels on the server and remove the members that violate the server’s rules.


Creating roles

  • Click on the arrow beside your server name.
  • Go to “Server Settings”.
  • Click on “Roles”. Once you do, the Roles page will appear on the right side of the screen as shown here:
  • To create a new role, click on the “+” button. You can rename this role anytime and even customize the role colour. For this guide, we’ll use the name “Moderator”. Once you’re satisfied, you can assign which permissions are allowed for that role by toggling them on/off. You can find a list of available permissions on the Discord wiki page.

Assigning Roles on Discord Server

After creating roles, you have to assign them to your members you want

  • In the “Server Settings” sidebar, click on “Members”. The right side of the screen would show a list of all members on your server.
  • Click on the “+” sign beside the member’s name to which you want to assign a role. Choose the role you want to assign to that member. Keep in mind that you can assign multiple roles to one member as well.
  • Once you’ve chosen, the roles should appear beside the member’s name. If you made a mistake and want to remove a role, you can click on the “x” beside the role name.

So these are all the necessary steps you need to perform in order to give roles to your Discord members.

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