In this article, you will get to know Top 5 tips to master apex legends which I found very useful when I first started this awesome fast gameplay Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends

It is the most popular Battle Royale game which boomed out of the box since it’s release because of its aggressive gameplay and so different abilities for different legends.

What you will get after reading this article?

  1. You will have a good amount of knowledge on how to use Apex legends system made for our ease.
  2. You will not suck at the game anymore.
  3. You will be the Champion.

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Tips to master Apex legends

#1  Choose your legends wisely.

Apex legends characters

If you have not fixed which legends suits you the most. I recommend you should start with Bangalore and Lifeline.

Bangalore is a assault class and air strike ability legend while lifeline is a medic support who has an ability to call supply drops.

Check out our how to master Bangalore guide to know more.

Once you master these two legends try out other characters like “mirage”, “wraith”, “Octane”.

#2 JumpMaster

Jumpmaster Guide

Apex legends have an in-built system which automatically assigns a Jumpmaster which will guide the whole squad to the jump spot chosen by you and your squad mates. Stick with your Jumpmaster until you are close the ground and then split up to loot different buildings.

In case the jumpmaster chosen by the system has no idea how to jump or simply he is bad at jumping off he/she can pass the jumpmaster role to another squadmate.

It is recommended to stick with the jumpmaster for the last minute changes in jump spot. The most dangerous spot to land is “Supply ship” as it is full of loot so many players try to jump on the supply ship.

#3 Learn to Ping


Communication is the key to Championship”. If your communication is on point you have 80% of chances to win the match and to make it easier even without a microphone apex legends have introduced a pinging system.

You can ping “enemies”, “ammo”, “gun”, “equipment”. Make pinging enemies a habit as soon as you see them.

#4 Weapon mods

Weapon mods provide a boost to your guns. If your gun is compatible with the equipment it will automatically pick it up. You should always pick up all the mods for your weapon and ping rest for your squad mates.

All the equipment are divided into different colours which tell their abilities. And the same goes for the armour.

Always carry extra ammo for your guns.

#5 Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Notice that there are two health bars one is for health and other is for armour. Using health kit and medi kits restores your health while recharging your shield restores your armour.

There are different types of shield but I would recommend always carrying one of “knock down” Shield which will keep you safe while you are knocked down and buy your squadmates sometime to rescue you.

Quick overview

Overview on Tips for Apex Legends

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