Riot Games has revealed the total number of Agents and Maps that Valorant will have
at the time of Launch and they will also be available for beta players in a couple of weeks.

Riot Games released Valorant Closed beta on April 7 with a total of five Agents and three
different maps to play.

In 5 agents there was a new agent ‘Raze’, she was released on the very same day of the launch.

And she won’t be the last new agent that players will be getting.


Total number of maps and agents will Valorant have at the time of launch

On April 8 the very next day of the launch Riot announces that at the time of launch ‘Valorant’ will have total 12 different agents.

Out of 12 agents, 10 are known and 2 are unknown also the date of launch is unknown.

Also, these two new agents will be released before launch which means we can see them in
the upcoming months.

As mentioned today in my convo with @PlayVALORANT devs, the official launch of the game this summer will have 4 maps and 12 agents

So expect two more agents and one more map to come your way the next few months
” – says “The Esports Writer”

Along with two new agents, Valorant will release a new map before its launch in Summer 2020.

Well, it is indeed less than its competitors CS: GO and Overwatch which has a lot of maps than Valorant.

But the game features tactics like CS: GO which requires players to learn every angle and
how to invade each bomb site and also how to guard every invasion.

The exact launch date is unknown but we do know that Valorant is set to release in summer
2020 and we may see them before the release date.

As of now, players have access to Five agents and two maps to play around and learn some
new tactics to guard three bomb sites while being just five-man squad.

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