Respawn has opened up on What is Lag compensation and how does it work in Apex Legends? how is it beneficial for players having low ping why is it there in Apex Legends.?

Many of you might not have even heard of something called “Lag Compensation”. But it is there and it has been there since the beginning of the FPS genre.

In CSGO many of us know it as “Loss”. If you play any FPS game and have high ping then you already have a disadvantage on the enemy having low ping.

Having High ping have a lot of disadvantages and one of the worst is “Server not registering your shots” – which we all have encountered once in a lifetime.

However, Apex Legends developers have opened up on How does lag compensation work in Apex Legends and how they equally treat all users and does not let low ping players dominate others.


How does lag compensation work in Apex Legends?

Respawn developer Samy ‘Ricklesaucer’ Duc says that their system helps high ping players to compete against low ping players on fairgrounds.

“Our servers have to constantly look at not only what’s happening for you and your opponent at that moment, but also what was happening from both your perspectives at the time both of you input your actions,” he explained in an April 28 blog post.

“Lag compensation is the art of merging slightly different experiences into one shared reality.”


Instead of other FPS games which depends on the response from server side, Apex Legends wants to server every player equally.

“Some games always give the advantage to players with lower ping, but we actively choose not to with our system,” Duc said.

“Players with low ping don’t always have an advantage over high-ping players.

“You can play Apex Legends and play relatively well even if you have higher than average latency, which is really important for rural players, or for players in regions where connectivity is unstable.”


Why is Lag Compensation necessary?

Ever wondered how you get hit even behind cover? yes, it is because of your high ping.

Developers say that they are trying to help players by minimizing it as much as it is possible to bring “fairness in online competition”.

“It feels bad to get shot when you think you’re behind cover due to bad ping. It also feels bad to get shot by somebody before you could even see them due to bad ping. But the nonsense is distributed symmetrically,” developer Earl Hammon added.

“We’re committed to reducing this at every opportunity. Not only do we want everyone to have a fair experience, we want you to have a fun one,” Duc said.

So that was all on What Lag Compensation is and how does it works in Apex legends. For more such content follow us on Twitter.

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