In this short article, we will cover how you can appear offline in Valorant using third-party software – Deceive

When playing tactical shooters like Riot Games’ VALORANT with friends, the experience is generally better, but there are times when it’s just easier to play alone and avoid queuing with a friend who’s not that great.

Due to the developers’ decision, it is not easy to appear offline in VALORANT. While playing the game, you cannot set your status to offline. Despite your frustration, don’t worry, there’s an external fix.

The only thing you need to do to appear offline in VALORANT is to download a third-party program called Deceive. Using this software, you can set your user invisible while playing and tricking your friends.

Not only for VALORANT but also for League of Legends, Riot is openly against third-party applications. Depending on the software’s purpose, its use may lead to a ban.

In spite of this, Deceive has been around for years and its users have not complained that they were banned for using it. It might be because the software doesn’t interfere with Vanguard, VALORANT‘s anti-cheat system. Use it at your own discretion, though.

Here’s how to appear offline in VALORANT with the usage of Deceive.

How to install Deceive and appear offline in Valorant – 2022


First of all, you have to download Deceive on your computer and set it up. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy and all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Download Deceive on Github.
  2. Once the program is downloaded, create a shortcut of Deceive.exe.
  3. Right click the shortcut of Deceive.exe with your mouse and click on “Properties.”
  4. As soon as you click Properties, a screen will pop and you’ll see there’s a field name “Target.”
  5. Add an extra space after “.exe” and type “valorant.”
  6. Press OK and run Deceive via the shortcut you added.

After you launch Valorant you will notice that you are still appearing available in the game but you won’t be appearing online to your friends.

If you want to check whether you are offline or not you can always check Deceive’s message history and it should show a status message.

Just to be on the safe side make sure to keep a constant check on any new updates on the app as you will need them after every Valorant game update.

So this is all we know on how to appear offline/invisible in Valorant 2022, and here is an article on how to appear offline in Modern Warfare 2 for more such content make sure to follow in on Twitter.

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