You can withdraw $250,000 in-game dollars for free in Grand Theft Auto. Yes, you heard me right You can get free dollars in GTA Online.


Don’t worry we got you just keep reading on.

Recently Rockstar Games have announced a new Limited time arrangement for players, which will allow you to pick up not only a huge amount of money which you can later change to chips but also some of the exclusive Diamond Casino gear as well.

Recently GTA has launched Diamond Casino in Los Santos which was a huge success and heartily welcomed by players.

Diamond Casino & resort

And now in return to the success, GTA is throwing away $250,000 for players who used that feature when it first came out.

“As a show of appreciation for such a momentous event for GTA Online, we’re rewarding everyone who participated in the Grand Opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort between July 23 and August 3 with a pair of stylish memorabilia items and a GTA$250K gift,” an official statement reads.

This is the easiest and most legal way to get free chips in GTA online unlike of any other ways.

You can easily convert your $250,000 into chips by visiting the Casino counter at a rate of one for one that means you will be left with 250,000 chips to play with and along with that some limited cosmetics.

Free Diamond Ash Hoddie
Free Diamond Ash Hoddie

Cosmetics will contain “ASH Diamond Hoodie” and “The Diamond Casino $ Resort Wall Art” for free if you have participated in Diamond Casino and Resort launching event.

Diamond Casino & Resort Wall Art
Diamond Casino & Resort Wall Art

To get these rewards you need to simply click onto the house Casino and you will have both your money as well as free gifts by August 11.

Well, that is all for GTA online free dollars.

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