In this Hogwarts Legacy Guide, we will guide you through the steps necessary to pop floating balloons in the game.

Blowing up balloons floating in the open environment is one of the many challenges available in Hogwarts Legacy. Here’s what players need to know in order to complete these ball challenges.

Players that appreciate doing and seeing everything a game has to offer will most likely enjoy the Hogwarts Legacy, thanks to the numerous difficulties featured in its vast open world.

The Hogwarts Legacy features many missions to perform in each area, from finding Demiguise statues in villages to discovering constellations on astronomical boards.

Pop-floating balloons over the huge Scottish Highlands is one such open-world endeavor. Here’s all players need to know about completing these balloon tasks, as well as the rewards for doing so.

How to complete floating balloon popping challenges in Hogwarts Legacy

Students will most certainly see red and yellow balloons dotting the skies over Hogwarts in the early hours of the game. These balloons are from the Exploration Challenges, which can be found in the game’s pause menu.

The ‘Pop Balloon’ challenges are rather simple to perform, but they require some time to get started because players must have access to broom flight or mounted flying to begin.

After finishing Jackdaw’s Rest and getting your first flying lesson in the ‘Flying Class’ quest, broom flight becomes possible. Once finished, students can go to Sprintwitches Sports Needs in Hogsmeade and purchase a broom for 600 Galleons.

From here, it’s simply a matter of tracking down these balloons and flying through them all to accomplish each area’s task.

Hogwarts Legacy balloon locations & rewards you get for completing the floating Balloon Pop challenge


To complete the “Balloon Pop” challenges, simply fly over each balloon that hovers in a certain location, as mentioned above. The challenge will not be completed if a balloon slips and is left behind, and all of them will ultimately respawn.

Here is a breakdown of each region’s ballon challenges:

  • North Ford Bog – 2 sets of Balloons
  • Forbidden Forest – 0 sets of Balloons
  • Hogsmeade Valley – 1 set of Balloons
  • North Hogwarts Region – 1 set of Balloons
  • South Hogwarts Region – 5 sets of Balloons
  • Hogwarts Valley – 7 sets of Balloons
  • Feldcroft region – 6 sets of Balloons
  • South Sea Bog – 0 sets of Balloons
  • Coastal Cavern – 1 set of Balloons
  • Poidsear Coast – 3 sets of Balloons
  • Marunweem Lake – 1 set of Balloons
  • Cragcroftshire – 2 sets of Balloons
  • Manor Cape – 2 sets of Balloons
  • Clagmar Coast – 1 set of Balloons

Finishing ‘Pop Balloon’ challenges will get players access to new decorative brooms. Completing two sets unlocks the Night Dancer broom, five sets of the Lickety Swift broom, ten sets of the Wild Fire broom, and fifteen sets of the Bright Spark broom.

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