Hidden Warzone feature reveals campers position easily without their acknowledgment.

Campers are one of the most annoying parts of any competitive game, they
can be anywhere hiding to get a free kill, and the same goes with Call of Duty: Warzone.

CoD Warzone is a very high paced game and sometimes you miss out on sounds
and ques, and there are many campers in CoD Warzone, but there is an environment
hidden warzone feature which gives away any compers position very easily.

While running through a forest in Verdansk, it is very easy to get any players position
around you using heartbeat sensors and UAVs, but what if I tell you there is an another
trick which does not require any device to get the location of campers.


Hidden Warzone Feature to reveal Campers location

It is very simple just keep an eye on birds, simple as that, birds usually fly away
from their position, if any players come nearby them, so if you happen to see any
flock of birds emerging from any bushes or tree get yourself ready for a fight.

In the video posted by ‘Noahthegoofy‘ we can clearly see a flock of birds flying
away unusually and after some time we can see an enemy appearing from the
same position.

This is the super easy technqiue to spot any enemy in the area, and as soon as
you see birds flying you will know which way to go and get some extra kills.

According to sources this may only work again because the birds do not come
back so after they fly away be more aware about your surrounding and play


And the most powerful feature about this hidden Warzone feature is that even
the Ghosts can not hide from them, and it includes you also, If you have a decent
loot on yourself this can give you extra cover to move away safely.

Keep in mind this feature also includes you so be careful about birds.

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