You should definitely Master Fortnite Zero Point Crystals as they can turn into your biggest assets this season as revealed by YouTuber SypherPK.

SypherPK is known in the community for his great advice and tips and tricks for Fortnite players and he
always brings something new each season/update. This time he is back again with a new “Teleport Technique” for players to try out this season.

However this time players need to dedicate a certain amount of time and effort to master Fortnite Zero Point crystals which will help them gain teleport abilities.

Zero Point Crystals are one of the freshly added contents in the battle royale with many other new POIs.


In his December 3 YouTube video, SypherPK claims that “everyone is sleeping on the Zero Point Crystals”
and revealed several reasons why they can actually be one of the most useful items to collect in Fortnite
Season 5.

According to him if you destroy crystals near the Zero Point and consume the small parts that scatter, you
can perform a crystal-dash that lets you effectively teleport a short distance in any direction – even upwards
if you need to get some height.

How to perform Cystal-dash?

The crystal-dash is performed by double jumping and facing the direction you want to travel. Once you’ve
consumed a crystal, you’ll have the ability for 30 seconds. It might seem like a small thing, but it could be a
game-changer for getting out of tricky situations.

“If you really master the movement of the crystals, you can be very difficult to pin down and you don’t even have to build,” SypherPK explains in his video. “You can just be constantly flying around your opponent.”

Well there is certainly no way that you can travel through solid surfaces like buildings but in his video
SypherPK briefly explains that if there is even a single minute gap in enemy’s build you can use that to
teleport yourself inside their builds.

“You just fly into their builds, and once you get the timing right, it’s actually not that hard to repeat over and over,” he said. “You just gotta get the timing right.”

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