HasanAbi stream crash twice at over 200,000 viewers at one point during his January 6, 2021 live broadcast and he calls out Twitch for this.

Hasan became one of the biggest streaming channel in November during States presidential election,
bringing in tens if not hundreds of thousands of viewers.

And he is once again back with his political streams – on topic with the violence and protesting
witnessed at Capitol Hill, visitors once again started gathering up on his stream to know Hasan’s
view on all this that is ongoing.

Hasan peaked at over 223,000 viewers but saw his numbers going down as his stream crashed not
once, but twice — and he is still wondering how does it happen.

HasanAbi stream crash during Capitol Hill discussion

At first, his OBS crashed and he has to set up everything again and start his stream once again, so
he can carry on sharing his views on this Political matter.

Well, that is not enough, soon his stream key was randomly changed mid-stream, causing
him to go offline and have to get going once more.

It is very much unlikely that someone can change the stream key without Hasan knowing it or
changing it himself. Well when something like this happens the first suggestion that any streamer
gets is that “maybe it is the work of a hacker” but Hasan strongly disbeliefs that some hacker is
involved in this as he can do what ever he want if he has the access to Hasan’s account and why
would his first reaction be to change the stream key and not his name or password.

He says that it can be the work of someone having access to backend of his stream – someone from
the Twitch staff.

“Changing my stream key is something that someone who does not have direct access to my account would be able to do if they were an admin over at Twitch,” he said. “But if they had direct access to my account, they can literally do whatever the f**k they want.”

soon after that his stream key was changed again for a second time and he had to reboot the stream, Hasan was clearly enraged at what was happening, saying that “someone over at Twitch keeps changing my stream key.”

Lastly he adds it is “100% a Twitch problem,”. Hasan had no idea on what is happening with him
and strongly believes that either it is a problem of the platform or someone from the Twitch staff
is doing this to him and that he hopes the one doing it gets caught soon.

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