Twitch streamer HasanAbi recently went on full speech mode to explain why he does not thanks to his viewers when they subscribe to him.

These five months of 2021 has been a marathon for sub counts. Ludwig Ahgren’s became the most subscribed Twitch personality during the subathon.

Later on he was forced to ban multiple donors, in fear that they could have been paid for by “mom’s bank account.”

However, one of the most followed Twitch Female Streamer Pokimane has now sparked a controversy criticizing streamers who display sub counts and sub-goals on their overlay.

She believes that this is just an “unnecessary” method to “squeeze more money out of people.”

Now, HasanAbi has spoke on this matter explaining how people would call him a “f***ing piece of s***” for hiding his sub count if it wasn’t visible.

His version starts on his May 7 live broadcast while discussing how Twitch streamers handle subscribers, in which he explains the reason for not thanking people who subs to him.

“Other streamers will make it so that you can communicate with them through subscriptions or donations. I don’t do any of that sh*t.

“If you’re subscribing exclusively because you’ll get a thank you, don’t f**king do that.

“The only reason I read out gifted subs is now there aren’t that many, so I can read them. But if I were to read subs then it would just be me reading subs all stream, so it would be dogsh*t.”

Video Link: Why HasanAbi does not thank his subscribers?

He also clarifies that this is his personal opinion and that he does not have any issues with the way other streamers handle their subs.

“Other streamers have a different way of doing things. As long as they’re not being d**kheads, I don’t give a sh*t,” he added.

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