Hasan ‘Hasan’ Piker has responded to Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larson on his latest twitter rant regarding Twitch streamers begging viewers for a sub in the best way – by begging for subs.

Gross Gore is the name you will hear in many top controversies much time like challenging Logan Paul for a fight, to streaming games.

Gross gore can be found ranting about internet culture on Twitter.

And just like that, his latest tweet regarding streamers urging viewers to subscribe even being a well-established streamer has gone viral within the community.

Gross related this behaviour as “greedy” and also mentioned that he “never asked for more than 2,000 subscribers” to maintain his lifestyle.

And as soon as this tweet reached to Young Turks member Hasan – streamer, he replied him in the best way he knows.

Hassan responding to Gross Gore’s Twitter Rant

“We are three subs away from 5,420, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, with a poker face. “This is a very important benchmark, a very important threshold for this stream. Subscribe away.”

Hassan also stated that he is a fan of Gross Gore, even though he doesn’t know him well.

He mentioned:

“I don’t know what Gross Gore does. I love him, I love his rants, it’s funny,”

Moreover, he also repeated the British streamer when viewers started to sub him to help him reach the milestone and one of those subs was from Gross Gore himself.

Mimicking Gross Gores he said:

Ay bruv, ay look at that bruv, we’ve got ‘BlahTheOtter’ gifting three tier-one subs in the channel bruv,”.


Gross Gore was a productive Twitch League of Legends streamer before moving all his content to twitter.

His recent rant had most streamers laughing.

His rant won’t be changing any streamers behaviour, but that would not either stop Gross from ranting about gaming culture.