On his latest “Just Chatting” Twitch broadcast Hasan reacted to Pokimane Fortnite emote in the funniest way possible.

As all of you know Fortnite has recently enabled the Fortnite Emote Royale Contest in collaboration with TikTok.

In the Fortnite Emote Royale Contest, players need to post their dance videos on Tiktok with the right hashtag – winner will get his own emote in-game.

So, just like that Pokimane also got her own in-game Pokimane Fortnite emote – “Poki” on 18 January.

Pokimane Fortnite Emote will be available from 4PM PT in Fortnite Item Shop

Hassan found another way to congratulate Pokimane by mimicking her “Poki” emote on live stream, While everyone was busy congratulating her on Tweets

Hasan reacted to Pokimane Fortnite emote

Hassan started mimicking the emote by saying:

“There’s no way I’m going to get this right!”

And he ended up with a great laugh to his performance.

Well we must say that he did well as of doing it for the first time.

The chat went insane after Hasan reacted to Pokimane Fortnite emote in the funniest way possible with everyone spamming the laughter emojis and Pokimane Twitch emotes.

Hasan himself enjoyed this little dance which we can clearly see off his expressions at the end.

So, we might see the 28-year-old Twitch Streamer busting some Tiktok videos in the near future.

or who knows maybe he will also get his personal Fortnite in-game emote.

But before that Hassan really needs to sharpen his dancing skills.

And for now, Fortnite Emote Contest is open for everyone so make sure to try your luck.

The Pokimane emote is confirmed to be available tomorrow at 4PM PT in the Fortnite Item Shop!

List of Twitch Streamers who have their own in-game Fortnite emotes at the time of writing this article are:

  • Ninja
  • Pokimane
  • Jordan Fisher
  • Loserfruit
  • TheGrefg

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