CSGO Dust 2 VR in Source 2 engine, a new Half-life: Alyx mod ports every CSGO asset onto Source 2 engine look.

CSGO Source 2 port is the most-awaited feature of the game it will not make
any big difference to players but it will open up a whole new world for new mods
and other things.

Players have been requesting Valve to bring source 2 in CSGO from a very long
time as many other FPS games are already getting their engines updated, However
there is a way now to experience CSGO in source 2.

CSGO Dust 2 VR in Source 2 engine

There is a new mod in town created by ‘Gabe Follower’, but to use that mod is must
need to have a VR device, The mod, allows you to port up CS:GO maps in Source 2 Film Maker and other software, including Half-Life: Alyx. This means you can experience CSGO Dust 2 in VR in Source 2 engine.


The video shows Gabe looking around the map and switching guns, grenades
and knives in VR mode, he also tries to plant the bomb with his fingers running
on the Bomb keyboard in a very funny way, which grabbed the attention of
official CSGO twitter handle and they reply to him – poking him that the number
he put was wrong.

The initial pack includes Dust 2, all character models, weapon models, and more. If you’re feeling rather inspired, you can import agent skins, weapon skins, and even some of the other maps to play around with.

However, this is not the first time that someone has came up with mod, but it
surely is the first-time for a Source 2 Engine, on which CSGO is soon to shift,
Anyhow the mod comes with Half-Life: Alyx support which can help players
better understand the changes that will come with the Source 2 engine.

However, VR looks different than the ususal game so it may differ a bit but you will surely get the idea of what will come with the new engine update.

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