A weird Gunship killstreak bug is giving players advantage by making Black Ops Cold War permanently thermal for the rest of the match.

The Gunship Killstreak is the highest killstreak that one can reach, to get this streak in a single match
you need to secure 10,000 points.

Obviously, there is a big advantage of getting this streak, it gives you the ability to absolutely mow down
enemies from above as they spawn in, with this kind of ability, you can easily score double-digit kills in a single match.

But, unfortunately a strange bug is making Gunship killstreak too easy and no one knows why is this happening.


In the clip below you can clearly see Prussian-Monarch was kicked out of their Gunship while playing
Moscow Hardpoint, it left them confused but not for very long because what happens next is even more surprising.

After being kicked out, Monarch is stuck in some kind of permanent thermal vision, with everything looking
black and grey, besides enemies who are lit up white just like when using a thermal scope.

He soon figures out that he has accidentally got wallhacks, and after that it was a matter of time before he
finishes the game with multiple kills. It not only shows the enemies up close but also enemies hiding in every
possible corner and at very far distance.

However, there is no information at the time of writing this article about how it happened and how can one
trigger it, Prussian-Monarch was also as much confused as we are after being kicked out of Gunship.

This bug will not let you compete in the Gunship Killstreak, but as soon as you will get thermal powers you
will forget about getting one. We will update you if we find any more information regarding this bug,

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