Players have been spending a lot of time playing the newly launched Hogwarts Legacy however, for those who want to know how to check their playtime in-game in Hogwarts Legacy, here is an article for you.

The vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with riddles to solve, side quests to accomplish, and sites to visit.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the game will take players approximately 30 hours to complete the main story and approximately 70 hours to complete everything the game has to offer.

Some players may wish to calculate how many hours they’ve spent in Hogwarts Legacy to see where they fall in comparison to the anticipated times offered by developer Avalanche Software. Fortunately, there is a simple technique for gamers to determine this.

How to check total playtime in Hogwarts Legacy

It is incredibly simple to check your playtime in Hogwarts Legacy. Simply pause the game and go to the ‘Settings’ menu to do so. Click ‘Save Game’ from the ‘Save/Load and Exit’ option.

Players may see how many hours they’ve put into Hogwarts Legacy in the bottom left corner of the save space. Unfortunately, because this playtime meter does not appear in minutes, gamers can only see how many hours they’ve accumulated.


While some may be unhappy to learn that there will be no incredibly accurate playtime counter, there is a silver lining. The timer does stop whenever the game is paused, therefore leaving the game inactive on the pause option has no effect on the hour count.

This implies that if players are interrupted or their play session is interrupted, they can safely leave the game paused and still have an accurate playtime.

So that is all on how you can track your total playtime in the newly launched Hogwarts Legacy game and compare yourself with the developers estimated time to complete the whole story.