GTA Vice city facts – in this post we have covered 17 of the most astonishing facts and secrets you didn’t know about GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City is the first-ever game of the series that I played and many of you also.

We must say this game changed everything about an open-world game.

GTA Vice city is based on Tommy Vercetti life.

Tommy has just arrived from the jail and going on a drug deal and during the deal some gang attacks on him.

And this game is the whole story about finding people who tried to kill him.

However, let’s start with 10 Facts and secrets.

Some Small Facts about GTA Vice City

1. There is a p***star – Candy sucks in-game, her voiceover is done by an original p***star Jenna Jameson.

2. Tommy Vercetti is the only protagonist of GTA series who never used “Fuc*” word.

3. The hidden money packages in-game are drugs which are in the form of the statue.

4. There is a particular room in film city where you will find the “Moon & Lunar Lander” which resembles to the conspiracy of “Fake moon landing”.

17 facts and secrets about GTA VICE CITY

GTA Vice City – 17 Facts & Secrets

#13- Originally released for PS2

Rockstar north developed the game in 2002.

The game was supposed to be an expansion DLC from GTA 3.

But after a lot of discussions, the team decides to release it as a whole new game.

The game took 9 months and 5 million dollars to develop.

GTA Vice city was released after GTA 3 making it the sixth instalment in the series.

Before GTA Vice City there were 5 other games:

  1. 1997 – Grand theft Auto
  2. 1999- Grand theft Auto 2, GTA London 1969
  3. 1999- GTA London 1961
  4. 2001- Grand theft Auto 3

The game was originally released for PS2.

#12- Bulletproof admiral vehicle

If you don’t know there is a Bulletproof admiral vehicle in the game.

And there is only one trick to acquire the vehicle because it is the rarest vehicle of the game.

There is only one way to get this vehicle

How to get Bulletproof admiral vehicle in GTA Vice City?

To get the Bulletproof admiral vehicle you need to fail a mission.

So, there is a mission “Guardians Angel”, in this mission we have to protect Ricard Diaz – a drug dealer.

And he is in between of a drug deal and many other city gangs will come and try to kill Diaz and we have to protect him.

So instead of protecting you have to kill him after that mission will be failed and Diaz will leave his vehicle over there, then you can drive and park the vehicle into your garage and now it is yours.

You can redo the mission if you want to.

The specialities of this vehicle.

  1. Bulletproof
  2. Fireproof
  3. Collisions Proof

#11- Real World reference

The game is based on 1980s Miami city.

And the story of the game is based on 80s increasing drug deals.

1983 – Scarface, 1993 – Carlitos way and 1984 tv series Miami Vice.

Places based on these movies

  1. Vercetti estate is based on Tony Montana’s mansion in scarface movie
  2. Malibu Club & Pole Position Club is based on Little Havana & Babylon club in scarface movie

Character resemblance

Philip Michael – the main character of Miami Vice tv series is the original voice of ‘Lance Vance’


The Havana costume that Tommy wore in this game is the same costume used in Miami Vice’s first episode.

The game story also sounds familiar to three 80s movies.

Also, a suit outfit of Tommy looks exact same as Philip Michale’s suit in Miami Vice.

Moreover. the character ‘Ken Rosenberg’ is based on Carlito’s way character Shawn Penn.

#10- Haunted game?

Vice city seems to be a fun place but there are some spooky theories about the game.

To witness it yourself, take a bike go to any beach, pick up a girl and reverse your bike into the ocean – at a level where you are outside and inside of the ocean at the same time.

And after 2-3 sec come out of the ocean and you will notice that the girl sitting behind you disappeared.

But this doesn’t end her the girl becomes a ghost and sits on the back of your vehicle, she sometimes appears and sometimes not.

This was all a glitch and the myth was very popular by the name “Ghost Girl”.

At that time there was no animation of dieing and this created a glitch in-game.

#9- Tommy can speak

Back in 2002 when pc games were not in trend.

And GTA was trying to build a protagonist who can speak.

First protagonist to speak in GTA series

So, they hired Ray Liotta to voice over Tommy’s character.

And back then when gaming wasn’t that much popular, Ray was constantly complaining about dialogues being not right and etc.

This was because he was an actor and he felt somewhere tied by doing only voice over.

So, this is the first-ever game of GTA series in which the protagonist can speak.

Before GTA Vice City, in GTA 3 our protagonist didn’t speak one line in the whole game.

Apart from him, every NPC of the game has their voices.

Moreover, apart from breaking this tradition, GTA vice city has a total of 8000 dialogues.

Which is four times GTA 3’s dialogue count.

#8- Funny Glitch

This is the hilarious glitch where Tommy walks while riding the bike.

You have to park your bike in the middle of clothes changing icon and then get off and get on the bike.

You will see a rare glitch where you can see Tommy’s walking animation while riding the bike.

And the fun part is you won’t fall off the bike even if you crash.

#7- Prawn island secret

The Prawn island on the map wasn’t exactly “Prawn” it was “P__N”.

Because there is a film industry in this area where they shoot only adult films.

#6- Rockstar Games – Thug Life moment

After GTA 3’s success, many other game creators said they will also create an open-world game like GTA Vice City.

And they did create GTA clone games like Ture Clone, Driver 3 and getaway.

These were the actual copy of GTA 3 – it looked like we are playing GTA 3 but with other characters.

So now the fun part.


There is a mission in GTA Vice City called “Autocide”.

Mr Black gives you some instructions over a phone call in which you have to kill some European gang members.

And the characters/ gang members we kill in this mission are the original characters/ protagonist of GTA clones.

#5- Mini game

There is a mini-game inside Vice City just like any other GTA series game.

You can play this game inside Versetti state’s swimming pool.

Inside the swimming pool, you will find a beach ball and you can play keepi appi beach ball game.

Your score will start appearing on the screen after you dribble the ball on your head one or two times.

#4- Vice City mobile game

In 2012 on the ten year anniversary of the game Rockstar games officially released the mobile version of the game.

#3- GTA VC – Speedrun

If you start walking from one corner of the map to another it will take you 13 minutes to cover the whole distance.

And the Speedrun record of GTA Vice City is 57 minutes.

#2- Changes made in Vice city

Everything that we create has to go under some tests to check if it is right or not.

And the same happened with Vice City, Rockstar games made a couple of changes after testing and before releasing the game.

Like, there were bus shelters in-game which were removed, grenade launchers & tear gas gun were removed.


Moreover, they removed a whole character.

There was a character Mr Maukhat – who is a friend of Tommy and he has just been out of jail.

Ricardo Diaz’s original name was Fernando Diaz.

Tommy’s orignally dress was dark blue.

And there were also many map changes.

#01- Controversy

GTA Vice City facts number 1: In the first hour of the release, GTA Vice City sold 0.5 million copies (5 Lakhs).

And in the next two days, they sold over 1.4 million copies.

This made the game most sold game of the series.

But Vice City was also a highly controversial game.

One of the main reasons for making this game popular was its publicity.


Rockstar Games did negative publicity of the game.

The negative publicity did help the game but things went wrong.

There were many court cases filed on the game.

One of the cases claimed that the game is objectifying women.

There is a country named Haiti, whose citizens are showcased in the game.

So, the Haitians centre council filed a case against the game saying that the game wrongly shows the character of their countrymen.

Moreover, there were cases where students killed their parents, some stole cars and when they got arrested they said they did this because of the influence of the game.

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