GTA Online is bringing in another new event “Valentine’s Day”. and this hat we know by far about the upcoming GTA online Valentine’s Day event.

The game has been receiving a number of updates in the past month and Rockstar games are once again ready with a brand new event for Valentine’s Day.

GTA first event of the year will not make any player wait longer as the event will start from February.

When does the Valentine’s Day event start in GTA?

GTA previous years Valentine’s Day event have been given different names like:

Valentine’s Day Massacre or the Be My Valentine strapline.

But one thing that is common between all of them is they all start at the beginning of the year.


the Tradition of featuring Valentine’s Day event started from 2016 – and in-game it starts from 10 -14 February.

GTA Valentine’s Day event details

Rockstar Games has not confirmed the event yet officially.

But here is what we know by looking at previous year events:

  1. Number of Changes will be made to rewards
  2. Adversary mode will handle double our treble payouts
  3. RP bonuses will be boosted

Rockstar Games have always game up with something new to surprise their players.

This is by far all we know about GTA V Valentine’s Day event.

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