GTA Online free-to-play on PS5 is now officially confirmed by Rockstar Games, it will be available as soon as PS5 releases.

GTA Franchise comprises of some of the topmost played and favourite
open-world games, but as we move forward with the introduction of
next-gen consoles, it is hard to say whether we will be getting all old games
on the new console or not, but Rockstar is always one step ahead to provide
their fans with the best experience possible.

During the PS5 reveal event, GTA 5 was the first game to get spotlight and
everyone was expecting a GTA 6 release date or logo reveal but unfortunately
none of that was given, instead, developers revealed that a more extended
version of the game will be available for free-to-play on PS5.


When will be GTA Online free-to-play on PS5?

During the PS5 reveal event, Rockstar also confirms that the most popular GTA online will also be available for free-to-play on PS5.

However, there was not brief information on how players will get access
to GTA V on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

These half informations gives rise to many speculations in the industry and
the same is happening with this news, many speculations believe that the
GTA Online will have its own launcher which will be separate from GTA V
and players can dive right into the game.

Now Rockstar always giveaways some amount of cash with every big event
or update and the same is going to happen with this release, players will be
getting free $1,000,00 in GTA Online money every month prior to the PS5
release and will have the three months free-to-access before Xbox releases it.

As of now, there is no confirmation on the date of is availability but it is very
much clear that the game will be available somewhere around PS5 release.

However, everything is ready to launch in 2020 holiday.

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