GTA Online Devs Tease Future DLCs and Updates What Could They Have in Store

GTA Online has stood the test of time, and its devs are still eager to create new content nearly a decade later.

As speculation about GTA 6 grows, Rockstar Software remains dedicated to GTA Online. Since its initial release in 2013, the game has constantly fared well.

Although updates are less regular these days, GTA Online usually receives new content for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Community members have also remained committed to the game, but their dedication will be put to the test.

The developers are engaged in an ongoing and tumultuous war with hackers, who developed a technique to knock users out of games or even corrupt data, affecting PC performance.

Rockstar has replied several times, continuously releasing patches to address the issue.

Beyond bug patches and the elimination of hacking, the devs have a few surprises in store for GTA Online’s last act.

GTA Online devs reaffirm commitment to future content

Rockstar North creative director Scott Butchard spoke with GamesRadar about what’s next for the famous franchise.

“Frankly, there are so many cool ideas and directions we can take, and it’s great to still surprise our players and give them something to be excited about,” says Butchard.

“It’s super important to us that players find new ways to connect with each other – whether through events we create or by us providing the tools for them to create their own moments. We’ve got a bunch of ideas in the works right now, all the way up until the Holidays at the end of the year, so please stay tuned!”

Buthchard didn’t go into too much detail about what the team has in mind, but GTA Online fans will be glad to know that additional content is on the way.

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